Original Nintendo Switch | Skin Updates

13th Nov 2019

Just an update on our Original Switch Skins.

Recently with the switch lite coming out and us creating our full coverage template, after seeing our switch lite with the same skin as our original switch we decided it was time to upgrade the template so it offers more coverage and covers the original better.

We have made our revisions to our original switch skins which cover a lot more and has parts for the joycon straps too.

Below is a few images showing old coverage


As you can see is heaps better on our newer skins as they wrap around and cover completely


Any new design or colour schemes added to our store will be the newer updated skins, we will also be going though all our older designs and updating them but this may take some time.

See a older design that is not updated yet and are interested in purchasing it but as the newer better fitting skins, let us know and we will get to that design updated next.

If you are unsure if the Nintendo Switch Skin you are looking at purchasing is the updated version or not just check the skin parts available if it has the option for the joycon straps it is the newer updated skins.