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How to customize your boyfriends Ps5 controller

How to customize your boyfriends Ps5 controller

6th Jan 2023

Do you want to surprise your boyfriend or partner for valentines day? If they are a gamer a great gift idea is a personalized controller with your own pictures, you can even add a message too.

Adding images to the Ps5 Controller

Using our tool to design your own controller skin makes it really easy to upload your pictures, create a collage and even add text. All you have to do is select the customize option from our PlayStation 5 Controller Skin thats in the create your own section of the website. Upload pictures from your device, resize and position to your liking.

Check out this example of a custom PlayStation 5 Controller collage in design progress.

customizing the ps5 controller with a collage of pictures

Using a custom skin to cover the controller

When customizing a controller there is multiple ways, you can spend big money on a custom or hand painted controller however this is usually limited to just colours or basic designs. KO Custom Creations Controller Skins let you cover your partners existing controller saving heaps of $$ with the added benefit of being able to have it feature detailed pictures of your choosing.

As our tool lets you design a controller skin, this allows you to make it exactly how you want with any of your own pictures.

A unique Valentines Gift

A custom controller makes for a great and unique gift for valentines day any gamer would love. We have options for other Playstation Controllers and Consoles so you can cover whatever device with a custom skin featuring your pictures. Just choose the required console or controller from the create your own section.

Make it cute with some pictures of you and your partner, maybe add a message. There is no limit to what you can create. 

Since we get asked so much especially around valentines day, it's your custom skin and you can design however you like so no need to worry if you think the custom skin you created is to risqué. If you want to use spicy pics go ahead.

Personalized PlayStation 5 Controller with my pictures for my boyfriend

Whatever pictures you use just be sure to use good quality images, our custom printed skins are all printed at very high resolutions for the best quality possible, but if your image quality is very low or pixelated the increase print quality will not negate the initial low quality images.

Have fun surprising your significant other.

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