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New Nintendo Switch OLED Impresions

8th Jul 2021

So the new Nintendo Switch OLED model has been announced. Personally i wanted to see more of an upgrade so was a little disappointed, but at least it means games will be the same and its not esse … read more

Design your own Apple AirTag!

3rd Jul 2021

We have now added the Apple AirTag skin to the custom create your own section of the store, this now gives you the option to design your own skin to cover the AirTag. No matter what you are using … read more

2021 EOFY Sale 30% OFF

17th Jun 2021

Its that tax time of year again so its time for the end of financial year sales. We will be setting a cart discount for 30% so just add any skins or custom skins to the cart and enjoy those … read more

PlayStation 5 Console Retro Colour Logo

3rd Jun 2021

Check out this simple and easy mod for the Playstation 5 Consoles to make the side panel logo cutout like the classic red, blue, yellow, green Ps Logo. Using a small pre cut sticker you can easily add … read more

Customize the Elgato Stream Decks

2nd Jun 2021

We now have custom skins available for the Elgato Stream Deck & Stream Deck XL Easily add images, text, twitch or other streaming ids, custom branding or anything you like to make your Stream … read more

Pastel Colour Update

11th May 2021

Just an update for the Pastel Colour Skin Collection.New candy pastel skins are available and will be updated for all devices, so some older skins will be updated to match the new pastel colours then … read more