Next Gen Consoles Skins

Posted by Kyle on 6th Oct 2020

As the Next Gen Playstation and Xbox will be coming out soon, we have started and are in the process of getting templates and listings skins for each variation of the consoles and new controllers.List … read more

Coral Nintendo Switch Lite Giveaway!!

5th May 2020

Its been a crazy year so far. So busy and hectic for both the business and me personally As always i take a lot of pride in what i do and care deeply about the products i make and design as … read more

Current Shipping Update

Posted by Kyle on 14th Apr 2020

Shipping Updates | COVID-19Orders are being sent out as normal but due to current situations and ongoing delays Aus Post Shipping time frames have been extended.Status of orders may be awaiting shipme … read more

Original Nintendo Switch | Skin Updates

13th Nov 2019

Just an update on our Original Switch Skins.Recently with the switch lite coming out and us creating our full coverage template, after seeing our switch lite with the same skin as our original switch … read more

Kawaii Pin Update

12th Nov 2019

So excited!Kawaii Switch Lite Pins are ready sooner than expected.We will be getting them ready and packed up for any pre-orders made towards the end of the week.Any previous pre-orders and order plac … read more

Update | Switch Lite Skins

11th Nov 2019

Hey Just a quick update, with the switch lite skins we decided to edit and add little parts to the skin just to get better coverage of the device and hid the original colour. Is just a small … read more