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About Us

Our Passion - Est 2016

Family run business we started in 2016 from our passion of gaming, customizing and being creative.

Located in South East Melbourne we make a range of gaming and electronic skins & wraps featuring a range of designs by us and our affiliates.

Originally we stated out making decals and stickers for cars and ps4 lightbars, but as our main passion was gaming with time and personal investment in equipment and a passion for being creative it just gradually transitioned over to gaming skins and wraps.

In 2018 we updated and added the direct option to customize and upload your own images designs via our range of custom listings.

In 2019 / 2020 we updated our printing equipment to keep up with demand and offer a better range of colours with equipment that can make use of CMYK Light and Orange Inks

We offer and ship worldwide, our packing is quite plain but our efforts are put into whats inside and lets be honest when you get it your just going to rip and tear it open to get to whats inside and being environmentally friendly is also important to us so we mainly use paper/card (recycled where possible) packaging over plastic in most cases.

Our range of skins is made in house by us from High quality vinyls and laminates (Avery, 3m, Metamark, Mactac)

We love what we do and hope you love it to 🧡

Crazy that when we stared Ethan had only just been born and we only had the one printer, fast forward to now and we have 3 large format industrial printers a wide range of products shipping all over the world.

We could't do it with out your custom and support so thank you 🙏 for allowing to to do what we love

To Be Continued ....

Kyle & Ethan