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About Skins

So what are Skins?

Skins are pre-cut self adhesive vinyl wraps to cover (skin) your gaming and electronic devices. Sometimes called a sticker or decal but not to be confused with your average printed sticker or decals, while being similar stickers are usually printed on paper stock using standard inks. Our skins are made using premium wrap films (the good stuff that is used to wrap cars) and is printed on our large format printers using CMYKlclmlkO which gives a wider colour gamut when compared to your usual CMYK inks. We also apply an over laminate top layer for extra protection too which is available in various finishes.


Skin Finishes

We have a range of finishes available that you can choose from which include Gloss, Matte, Carbon fiber and the New Satin Glitter. Each finish gives a different look and feel.

All images feature the same skin the only difference is the finish so you can see how each finish looks.
Gloss Finish KO Custom Creations
Matte Finish KO Custom Creations
Carbon Fiber Finish KO Custom Creations
Satin Glitter Finish KO Custom Creations