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KO Custom Creations Reviews

KO Custom Creations Reviews

8th Jan 2024

At KO Custom Creations, customer feedback has always been our priority. We appreciate each review, every comment, and all the pictures you've shared with us directly or on social media over the years. Your insights have fueled our continuous improvement, and we're excited to announce a significant upgrade to our review process.

Your Feedback Helps Us Make Improvements

First and foremost, we want to express our gratitude for the incredible support and feedback you've provided. Your reviews have been instrumental in shaping KO Custom Creations into what it is today a hub for personalized creations that reflect your unique style. All reviews are highly appreciated and we are thankful for the nice and kind words we have received over the years as well as the constructive criticisms.

Introducing Image Reviews

Listening to your suggestions and understanding the importance of visual representation, we've revamped our review process. Going forward you can now share images directly with your reviews. We believe this enhancement will not only provide you with a more dynamic way to express your experiences but also give fellow customers a firsthand look at the KO Custom Creations Skins or personalized products you've received.

How It Works | Manual Review:

  1. Visit Our Website: Navigate to the product page of the item you'd like to review on our website.
  2. Leave Your Review: Share your thoughts and experiences with the KO Custom Creations community. Be as detailed as you'd like!
  3. Upload Your Images: As part of the review process, you can now easily upload images directly from your device. Showcase your devices personalized with one of our skins.
  4. Submit Your Review: Once you've written your review and uploaded your images, simply hit the submit button. Your review, complete with visuals, will then be shared with the KO Custom Creations community.

How It Works | Review Email:

  1. Check Your Email: A week or two after receiving your order we will send out a review request.
  2. Leave Your Review: Click your review email and share your thoughts and experiences with the KO Custom Creations community. You can leave a review for each item in your order. Be as detailed as you'd like!
  3. Share Pictures: After leaving a review a new page will load giving you the option to share pictures. Upload an image from your device or use your phones camera to get a picture of your deice with a KO Custom Creations skin or one of our personalized products.

Join the Visual Conversation

We invite you to be part of the visual conversation at KO Custom Creations. Share the love, showcase your gaming or tech setup, and let your pictures do the talking. Your reviews not only help fellow customers make informed decisions but also inspire us. Seeing others setups and how your have your devices personalized makes our day!

Ready to leave a review or explore our latest products? Visit our  store today & check out some of our customers awesome reviews and be a part of the KO Custom Creations community.

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