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How to give the Valve Steam Deck a new look with a Skin

How to give the Valve Steam Deck a new look with a Skin

29th Jun 2023

Getting the most out of your Valve Steam Deck isn't just about the games you play, but being able to upgrade, mod, dual boot Os and much more. So having the option to customize not just how it runs and functions but how it looks is another fun option to make the Steam Deck unique. Our skins let you transform the look and style.

Well i finally got around to doing an installation guide, a step-by-step video detailing how to perfectly fit your Valve Steam Deck skins. Just follow along to see how to fit a Valve Steam Deck Skin it's fairly simple but can be a bit tricky at the corners so hopefully the video will show how to smooth it out.

Fitting a skin to the Steam Deck

Whether you're a first time skin installer or a seasoned wrap pro, our Valve Steam Deck skin install video is designed to help you achieve a perfect, bubble free finish. So get your skin, tune in to our video, and let's get started. Your Steam Deck is about to get a lot more personal.

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