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Giveaway FAQ

A Widget with ways to enter will be displayed above, which will display all the actions that can be taken to gain entries. If we are running the giveaway on one of our social media accounts a link will be displayed to the giveaways post.

No there is not cost or payment needed to enter, we just like to give back to our supporters and give people the chance to get their hands on some fun gaming and tech devices as well as our skins. Items will also be shipped at our expense.

Yes, the winner is always randomly selected from a valid entry by an app that checks all valid entries and then picks one at random.

In most cases no and it will be open to users worldwide, if the giveaway or prize is limited to a region it will be stated in the giveaway post, details or info section.

Yes, when the giveaway has ended, entries have been checked and a winner selected we will contact via email, if the giveaway was run via one of our social media accounts we will post / announce the winner and dm on the same platform [we will only ever contact from our official social accounts links to them all can be found at the bottom in the Connect With Us section]. If we do not get a reply within 48 hours we may re-pick and contact a new winner.