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Master Zonai White Nintendo Switch OLED Skin


Product Description

  • Nintendo Switch OLED Skins
  • High quality vinyl with air channel adhesive for easy bubble free install & mess free removal
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive allows for re-positioning, once pressure is applied the adhesive will have a strong hold
  • Durable and long lasting with an over laminate top layer available in various finishes
  • Printed at high resolution using wide colour gamut inks ensures the best quality and colour
  • Thin & tough, skins protect and offer minor wear and scratch protection
  • Made in Australia to order from premium wrap films
  • Install Tips and Guides

Step into the legendary realm Zelda with our Master Zonai White skin for the Nintendo Switch OLED. Inspired by the mysterious and powerful tribe of the Zonai, this skin will transform your console into a symbol of strength and adventure. Crafted with premium wrap films and available in a range of finishes the Master Zonai White Nintendo Switch OLED Skin is a great way to personalize your gaming console & controller immersing yourself in a new adventure with a hint of the ancient warriors tribe.

Other Details

Product Category:
Gaming Skins
Nintendo Switch OLED