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Ps5 Controller Skins

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Upgrade your PS5 gaming experience with our extensive collection of PS5 controller skins. KO Custom Creations skins are designed to enhance the aesthetics of your controller while also adding a layer of protection.

initial d fuji Ps5 Controller skin

Skins are a great way to personalize the PlayStation 5 Dualsense Controller! Just simply peel & apply as the high quality wrap film makes covering the curvy controller easy. It's a great way for gamers to refresh and upgrade the controller without the expense and difficulty of a custom controller shell. Choose from a range of finishes including Gloss, Matte, Satin Glitter & Carbon Fiber! What are you waiting for cover that boring plain old white controller with a unique, vibrant and eye catching Ps5 Controller Skin.

couple custom ps5 controller skin

We offer a wide range of colourways, designs, patterns and heaps more. Browse through our huge selection of PlayStation 5 Controller Skins to find something to match your set up or just give the controller the level up it needs with a simple pastel or nostalgic design. Looking for a special one of a kind controller design? then why not try out our customize tool, it's so simple to use just upload your pictures, add some text, filters & so much more. Now you can personalize your ps5 controller with your favorite game charaters, pictures of pets, even loved ones or just about anything! design your own controller skin however you like then apply to the controller it's that easy!