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Affiliate Program

Earn Commission
Orders placed via your referral earn 5% comission.

Sample Products
Receive and test new skins, designs and finishes to promote with your ref link or code.

Share Your Discount
Offer your Subs, Followers, Friends etc a 10% discount with your unique code.

Share and Earn $

Intrested in our range of skins, decals and stickers? Want to promote, create content featuring our products and earn commission on any referred sales?
Sign up to our Affiliate Program and if accepted gain access to a unique referral link as well as a discount code to share with any subscribers, followers, friends and family.

Orders are tracked via ref links and coupon codes so any time a sale is made from a referral it's commission will be linked to your account, when payment limit is reached the funds can be claimed as store credit or $$.

The more you share the more you could earn, so be sure to include your ref link in your Youtube descriptions, social media profiles and posts. Tag our socials in posts as we can reshare and also promote for greater reach.

We also send out update emails offering new products to test or promote to users in the program as well as the opportunity to work with us on giveaways or supply products for users to offer in partnership giveaways.

Affiliate FAQ

We do not have set requirments to join our affiliate program however priotirty is given to users that run youtube channels, twitch, tiktok, instagram or other social accounts that feature gaming, tech or aesthetics that go well with our products as we have a limit to the amount of affiliates we can have part of the program.

No there is no number limit, its more about the quality of content and that it's realated to gaming and tech that can be skined/wrapped. When signing up be sure to include any social media, blogs, channels etc so we can assess if you will be suitable.

This depends on the amount of current sign ups and how busy we are we aim to assess sign ups within 1-3 weeks.

Yes feel free to try your luck again at a later date, as spots do open up.

When your account balance is 50 AUD or more at the end of the month it will be payed out, this can be as $$ to paypal or given as store credit. As payments have to be processed manually if busy we may not get all payments done right by the end of the month but will process asap.

Yes, we can set up royalties for any products sold with your designs, art or branding. All of your merch is assigned to you and any time merch sells royalties are auto added to your account wheather you refer or not. Typically we recommened between 15-30%, for example product base cost $10 + 15% = merch sale price 11.50, when your merch sells 15% / $1.50 is added to your account. If referred commission will also be earned on your merch.

Due to the finite amount of space for affiliates we have in the program if users become inactive for long periods of time your account may be forfite to make room for new sign ups. We do this as it is a little unfair to let inactive users stay in the program when others may be patiently waiting for a spot. Don't worry we understand people have breaks from social media, streaming, creating contect etc this is not what we class as inactive.