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Now you can personalize the Samsung Galaxy S22

Now you can personalize the Samsung Galaxy S22

6th Nov 2022

Looking too cover and personalize the range of Samsung Galaxy S22 Phones? Now you can with our range of skin covers featuring a range of aesthetic colours & unique designs.

Our skins make it easy to wrap and cover your galaxy S22 without the need of a bulky plastic case.

Just simply peel and stick, and then you've got a unique looking smart phone.

Options available for the Galaxy S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra.

Why use a phone skin?

Being a lot cheaper than those bulky overpriced phone cases is a great reason, but the main one is the level of personalization you get with a skin, it's thin & subtle yet is available in a wide range of colours or designs, with the skins being made from high quality wrap film, once your phone is covered it looks like it has a custom shell or body.

While being thin the skins do still offer some wear and scratch protection, let's be honest do you really need an overpriced case that can withstand a 10m drop or a hammer being thrown at it?

"my phone is always in my pocket or on my deck, worst case it falls half a meter, why would i want my phone to look like a cheap plastic brick with an overpriced case, a skin is much more sleek."

Not only are the skins available in a range of aesthetic colours, like pastels, cozy, candy & more, our skins also come in a range of finishes, so you can give your phone a sleek glossy look or maybe you like the soft matte look and feel? Give your phone some sparkle with the satin glitter finish, or try the texted carbon fiber style.

It's like a paint job for your phone

There is a reason so many people now opt to wrap their cars, its quicker, easier and has way more colour options and styles available, and if you get bored you can change it with ease, now that is what a skin can do for your phone. Made from the same premium automotive wrap films you can give your phone a new coat of colour, check out the candy colours or maybe you prefer warm autumn cozy colours?

Can i customize my phone with my own pictures?

Of course, we have a create your own option so you can make & design your own unique phone skin for your galaxy S22, personalize however you like using your own pictures, add a message. You can do so much there is no limit.

Our customize tool makes it simple to upload pictures from your device, instagram etc. Once you have added your images, art or design (there is no number limit by the way) you can then position, resize or even create a collage, if you want to there is also an edit function for images so any image you upload you can apply filters & overlays.

If adding personal pictures is not enough using the text tool you can add a message or quote too, with a large selection of fonts to choose from so you can get the look you're going for.

The only limit is your imagination & creativity, so why not give it a go and design your own phone skin, if your not sure you can always save your design so you can come back and edit it later or use the share function to share and get some feedback.

A custom phone skin is great for if you want your Galaxy S22 to look unique or makes for a great gift for a boyfriend, girlfriend, family member or friend.

If your wandering yes you can use spicy images, you would be surprised how much we get asked, especially around valentines day. It's your custom deign so you can customize however you feel. Have fun creating!

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