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Install Guides

Got yourself a KO Custom Creations Skin? and want to find the best way to fit it, or already attempted and need tips on how to smooth it out?
Follow along with the basic install tips or check out some of our more in depth video guides that will help you get the best fit possible.

Basic Guide for Applying a Skin

Step 1 | Preperation

Give your device a clean & make sure your area is free of dust. If using a cleaning fluid on your device make sure it does not leave any residue as this could affect the adhesive.

Some additional items you may need to help with applying a skin.

  • Hairdryer or heat gun to warm the skin allowing it to flex and conform to curves, assist removing wrinkles
  • Tweezers or pick to help remove button or vent cutouts in the skin

Step 2 | Remove the parts that are not needed

Skins for some devices have a lot of cut outs. These parts of the skin are not needed, if the skin only has a few cut outs for buttons or vents when lifting the skin it is likely the cut out parts will stay on the backing paper. Some devices have lots of buttons or vents so it makes things easier by weeding the cut out parts prior to lifting the skin from the backing paper. Using a pick, craft knife or tweezers lift up and pick out the parts that are cut and not needed. This also helps with alignment as the cutouts can be used as reference points.

Step 3 | Applying the skin

Now you can start to apply the skin. Lift up the skin from the backing paper and lightly position over the device your fitting it to, if there is cutout or edges these can be used to help with positioning and getting the alignment correct. If the alignment is off you can lift up and adjust as the skin will not stick fully until pressed on firmly. Now the skin is in place you can press down on the sticker to keep it in place working out towards the edges. Some devices like controllers are quite curved so as the wrap gets closer to the edges it may seem like its getting wrinkled, this is normal and we can easily fix it with a hairdryer. Gently get the wrinkles as close to the edge and then use the hairdryer to warm the wrap up, this makes it more flexible and wrap over curved surfaces. It may need to be done in stages if the wrinkles are bad, just warm up wipe and repeat as needed. If you happen to press down firmly and cause hard creases this can also be fixed. Lift up and peel back the skin and warm up till the creases relax, now you can proceed and smooth out.

Some skins come in multiple parts so just follow the same steps till it is all applied to the device.

Step 4 | The finishing touch

Now that the skin has been fit we can add a finishing touch to ensure it lasts, wether or not you used heat or a hair dryer to help with application, heat is recommended to seal and smooth the edges of the skin, as this will keep it feeling smooth and less likely to peel up. Get the hairdryer and apply heat to the edge of the skin and then wipe over it to smooth the edge, do it in stages working around the device till all edges of the skin have been warmed up and firmly wiped over to smooth and seal it.

This it! now you can enjoy your custom controller, console or other tech you made look unique. Enjoy!

Additional Tips

Trying to press out wrinkles without heat will likely cause creases, which can be harder to smooth out.

When using a hairdryer or heat, it’s best to do small sections at a time, not to get your device too hot.

Smoothing out the skin on curved edges is best done gradually and if needed the skin can be lifted and smoothed out more if it's not completely smooth.

It's best to go over our guide or watch our install videos before attempting to fit. We may not have a video for each specific device but as phones and some consoles & gaming devices are similar the tips in other videos will still be helpful.

If you still have issues feel free to contact us and we may be able to advise further or explain some additional techniques.