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Looking to sell our products?

Need Private Label Skins or other Products?

Interested in our products or having your own created and looking to sell in your local market, online or retail store, small or large sellers welcome. We have flexible options to suit a range or resale options.


Basic Resale

Looking to buy products on demand or in small quantity to sell online or physical (retail) and generally don't want to keep stock or only small numbers, product discounts are applied with discount tiers increasing with sales quantity, order volume and repeat sales.


Stock Resale

Buying products from us in bulk/wholesale quantities lower individual item cost due to bulk savings, keep levels of stock to sell in your local market or territory


Private Label

We can also manufacture our high quality products for private label, require skins or other products with your own designs, branding etc and don't have the required equipment to manufacture and are looking to outsource production. Can work on new products and items if required.

no minimum quantities

Information Required

If you are interested or would like more information contact us below 

Please include

  • You Business/Company information
  • Where you sell or plan to sell
  • Location or territories you plan to sell in
  • Products you plan to sell
  • Option of preferred resale