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Anodized Fade PS5 Controller Skin


Product Description

  • PlayStation 5 Controller Skin
  • High quality silver vinyl with air channel adhesive for easy bubble free install & mess free removal
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive allows for re-positioning, once pressure is applied the adhesive will have a strong hold
  • Durable and long lasting with an over laminate top layer
  • Printed at high resolution using wide colour gamut inks ensures the best quality and colour
  • Thin & tough, skins protect and offer minor wear and scratch protection
  • Made in Australia to order from premium wrap films
  • Install Tips and Guides

Experience a vibrant anodized look for the PlayStation 5 Controller with a high quality metallic skin. Precision cut to fit and cover the Ps5 controller KO Custom Creations anodized skins are made with a high quality silver wrap film and finished in matte to give your gaming controller an extra layer of protection and a sleek look & feel. Enhancing the look of the Dualsense controller is easy with a vibrant metallic gradient design giving a unique metalized look. Give your gaming set up a makeover with the Anodized Fade Ps5 Controller Skin that reflect your taste for style!

What make the Anodized skins special - they are made with a silver vinyl and coated in a matte finish to give a unique metallic anodized look & luster finish. This gives colours a look and style that can not normally be achieved.

Other Details

Product Category:
Gaming Skins
PlayStation 5 Controller