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Alternatives to the Limited Edition Tears of The Kingdom Nintendo Switch

Alternatives to the Limited Edition Tears of The Kingdom Nintendo Switch

12th May 2023

As the gaming world rejoices with the release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom today, we understand that not everyone will have the chance to get their hands on the limited edition console. Don’t let that dampen your spirits! With our custom skins for the Nintendo Switch OLED model, you can still join the celebration in style.

Custom Adventure

Just like the enchanting world of Zelda, your imagination is boundless. Our custom skins allow you to bring your creative vision to life. Want a skin featuring iconic symbols from the Zelda universe or a design inspired by your favorite character? We've got you covered, using our customize tool you can create a one of a kind Nintendo Switch!

The Nintendo Switch & Switch OLED model are great immersive gaming consoles, give them a unique limited edition look by designing your own skin that is precision cut to not only cover & personalize but protect the Nintendo Switch Console, Joycons & Dock.

Head to the customize tool here to start creating your own zelda themed Nintendo Switch

custom nintendo switch oled dock

with options for all parts, your joycons, dock and switch will all be looking fresh! Just upload your images, in-game screenshot etc, it's that easy!

custom nintendo switch oled joycons

Upgrade Your Gaming Experience

Being able to upgrade your existing Nintendo Switch is a great way to save money, leaving you with more to spend on those fun, exciting adventure games like The Legend of Zelda! Don't feel like designing your own or want something more subtle? Check out our wide range of Nintendo Switch OLED Skins here! Choose from simple pastel & cozy colours, detailed pattens & designs. Using a custom skin to cover & restyle the Nintendo Switch is a great way to tailor it to your style, aesthetic or make it match the rest of your gaming set up!

Do I really need to spend more on a limited edition console?

Let's be honest it can sometimes be a waste getting a new limited edition console when you already have one, especially when trading in a perfectly good console to get the same one back that looks a little different isn't that cost effective or when it's likely the Nintendo Switch Pro or 2 will inevitably come out soon enough.

Our skins offer an affordable way to personalize your Nintendo Switch, with a range of designs colours and styles to choose from you can keep your device looking fresh and unique without breaking the bank.

Made from high quality wrap film the skins not only gives your console a fresh unique look but offer some protection from wear & tear without the need for an overly bulky plasticky cover, almost forgot to mention our skins are available with gloss, matte, satin glitter and carbon fiber finishes for a unique look and feel that matches your preferred aesthetic.

lavender nintendo switch

Whether you're diving into new adventures in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom or replaying your favorite classic games, our custom skins for the Nintendo Switch OLED model will enhance your gaming experience. Celebrate your love for gaming and express your personal style with a skin that's uniquely you!

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