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Macbook Decals & Stickers

Macbook Decals & Stickers

28th Oct 2022

Want to personalize your Apple MacBook Laptop or Tablet but don't want a full cover skin? You can subtly add your flair or style with just a simple easy to fit decal or sticker. We have a range or floral, anime or gaming themed decals & peeker stickers here.

Since it's spring here at the moment it was an easy choice to put one of our cherry blossom branch decal stickers on my rose gold MacBook Air.

The stickers are super easy to fit just peel and slap them onto your MacBook, Laptop or anything else you like, our stickers are made from high quality vinyl and is safe to use outside too as the ink will not wash off like other paper style stickers. The decals come with an application tape top layer to make fitting easier too so you don't have to place each small individual leaf.

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