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Suncatcher Window Stickers | Now Available

Suncatcher Window Stickers | Now Available

13th Jul 2022

Brighten up a room with a rainbow prism of light from one of our Suncatcher Window Decal Stickers! Made from static cling window film the stickers will stick to any flat window surface, just make sure the window is clean and apply the suncatcher sticker, as there is no adhesive and it using static cling to attach to the window it can be moved or placed on other windows as many times as you like, which is great for when the seasons change and the sun may shine more on another window or angle so to get the best you can move on the window as needed.

We are going to add more designs, if you have any suggestions or would like a custom suncatcher window sticker contact us, we can also do bulk orders and in other sizes. Looking to have custom bulk made to sell on your etsy store? let us know as we can do large orders with discounts.

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